Tek treh vrhov - Info
  • Dov'è la partenza?
    • Go1V, Go3V e Počasna a drzna ultra 58 km: partenza dal Centro Kayak di Solkan-Salcano, il 10.10.2020. Corsa Goriški tek: partenza da Bevkov Trg, nel centro di Nova Gorica, il 3.10.2020

  • Quando è la partenza?

      3.10.2020 ore 10.00, partenza Goriški tek.
      10.10.2020 partenze: Go1V (ore 7.00), Go3V ore (9.00) e Počasna a drzna ultra 58 km (ore 9.00).

  • Iscrizioni

      Puoi iscriverti qui. La quota cambia in base al momento dell'iscrizione. I prezzi sono pubblicati sotto ogni gara.

  • Categorie

      I concorrenti saranno classificati in base alla posizione assoluta nelle categorie maschili e femminili. I concorrenti saranno inoltre classificati in tre categorie di età: dai 18 ai 35 anni (2002 - 1985), dai 36 ai 50 anni (1984 - 1970) e dai 51 anni in poi (1969 e precedenti).

  • Risultati
  • Organizzazione della gara
  • Regolamento
    • 1. Accident insurance for participants is arranged at Zavarovalnica Sava.
    • 2. Runners must stay on the official route. Each runner should be familiar with the official route and markings (GPX files are available on this website). Runners that fail to stay on the route are automatically disqualified.
    • 3. On few occasions the route follows a road. In these cases participants must follow road traffic regulations.
    • 4. Refreshment stations are available only to the runners with a clearly visible race number. Food and drinks served at the refreshment station must be consumed on the spot.
    • 5. Trekking poles can be used on all races. (Rule 251 that replaces Rule 251 (Mountain Races) and Rule 252 (Trail Races) of the IAAF Competition Rules (NEW Rule approved by the IAAF Council in force from 1 January 2019).)
    • 6. Members of GRS and other medical staff will be present in certain areas. They will stay in touch with the organisers throughout the race. Volunteers will also be present along the route's more exposed sections.
    • 7. Dropping waste on the route is forbidden outside of designated areas. Failing to do so results in a disqualification of the runner. All gels and food the runner carries must be marked with the runner's number.
    • 8. The race will take place in all weather conditions. In extreme cases where the participants would be in danger due to the weather the organisers can call off the race.
    • 9. The participant is aware and agrees with the organisers' decision to define the event as an "extreme sport". As such it involves certain dangers and risks that may involve injuries and death.
    • 10. By voluntary enrolling the participants agrees with the rules of the race as well as any changes that the organiser may carry out.
    • 11. Runners younger than 18 years cannot register for the 28km and 58km races.